Bio-Law Group

Policy and Advocacy

BioLaw Group helps companies that are on the front line of science and reproduction, to interact and work with policy makers, the media and the public.  BioLaw Group assists companies and professional organizations to identify issues, develop a response, and implement an action plan based on legislative and regulatory priorities.

BioLaw Group brings out the “human face” of technology, mediated by social concerns, and ultimately expressed through legislation and judicial decisions.

Mediation and Conflict Resolution

  • BioLaw Group provides mediation services. Mediation is sometimes a preferred way to resolve disputes, because it is quicker and less costly, but more importantly, it places the power to resolve the dispute squarely on the shoulders of the parties involved in a conflict.  Instead of abdicating the authority to a third party (usually a judge whose primary job is to ensure fairness in a complicated legal process), mediation offers the chance for a solution that is mutually designed between all parties.  Jaeger is a certified mediator who has received training at the University of New Mexico Law School.

Legislative Action

  • BioLaw Group helps legislators and constituents understand the implications and choices regarding emerging technologies through research and education.  This includes how to separate the hype from constituent’s real concerns, and how to untangle the various arguments about which direction will lead to the preferred decision.

BioLaw Group has served as a policy advisor to the following groups:

  • National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws.  Served on the Uniform Parentage Act revisions committee
  • National Conference of State Legislators.  Served on the Blue Ribbon Panel for Genetic Technologies, and chaired the committee on Reproductive Genetics
  • American Bar Association. Reproductive and Genetic Technology Committee Co-Chair; Bioethics Special Committee; Steering Committee,Working at the Frontiers of Law and Science: Applications of the Human Genome (with American Medical Association and American Association for Advancement of Science)
  • American Society of Human Genetics. Social Issues Committee
  • New Mexico League of Women Voters. Developed legislative strategy for genetic privacy legislation
  • American Society of Reproductive Medicine. Co-chair “Ethics in ART: Finding Harmony in Ethics and Practice”

BioLaw Group has provided policy advice on the following topics:

  • Genetic Privacy
  • Parentage Presumptions in Collaborative Reproduction
  • Legal Sufficiency of Assisted Conception Agreements
  • Guidance on the creation, storage, use, transfer, disposition, and destruction of gametes and embryos.
  • Patentability of Human DNA and impact on Research Collaborations
  • Appropriate Research Policies for Reproductive Clinics, Embryos, and Stem Cells
  • Regulation of Creation and Use of Gametes and Embryos
  • Consumer Protection in Assisted Reproduction
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